Sunday, March 11, 2012

The best going away present

The goodbyes have started. I fly to the U.S. on March 23rd. It is all going by so quickly!

I went to the Zona Reina for the last time a couple weeks ago to do my last workshops with my promoter groups up there and introduce my replacement who will continue to work with them. To my completele surprise my group in La Taña gave me a wonderful thank you gift- a traditional Q'eqchi' woman's traje! La Taña is one of the poorest communities where I work, devoid of resources, and to receive such a beautiful and meaningful gift from them was beyond expected and a bit of an emotional moment. I remember when signing up for Peace Corps hearing from RPCVs that a Volunteer will never feel that they gave as much as they received from his/her host country and community. That was never so true as in that moment when I realized that something that I did had deserved (I hope) such an amazing gift.

My promoters made me put on the traje before presenting the workshop.

La Taña health promoters

Women represent!

My counterparts in La Taña, Jaime and our spectacular translator, Carlos

Full on Q'eqchi'