Friday, May 27, 2011

Cute, Funny, Creepy

I had 3 interesting conversations on the street this week- one cute, one funny, one creepy. Monday evening when I was walking Mojito a little girl stopped me and asked if my fingers hurt. I asked her why and she said 'Because you walk the dog on a leash.' Adorable. She thought holding the leash was straining my delicate fingers.

The second wasn't so cute but much more entertaining. On Wednesday I left the hospital to go to lunch and as I was walking out the front gate a man stopped me. This man proceeded to tell me that he had had a horse that kicked him in the chest so he killed the horse. Confused about where this conversation was going and somewhat assuming he was seeking medical attention, I continued to listen. He then asked me, 'Would you like to buy the carcas?' Completely unsure of how I should answer this question I asked him why he thought I would want to buy his dead horse. He explained that he heard that Cubans like to eat horse meat and since it is well-known that Cuban doctors work at the hospital he thought he would swing by and check if anyone was interested. This man was not only misinformed about Cuban delicacies but also thought I was Cuban. Points for my Spanish?

Finally the creepy conversation. Today I was walked back to the hospital from lunch and ran into one of the ambulance drivers. This particular driver likes to get completely wasted and wander around town. When he is not on shift he is always in state of utter inebriation. It is quite impressive. Anyhow, he walked right up to me and in his slurred Spanish he said 'I think I'd like to steal me a white girl!' More amused than offended I responded 'Oh yeah?' He said 'Yeah, I could put her in my backpack and carry her around!' and then pointed to the small knapsack on his back, laughed, said (in English) 'I just kiiiiidding' and walked away. He is completely harmless and I doubt will even remember the conversation tomorrow.

Basically, it was a fun week.


  1. That little girl is totes adorbs.

    Also, BE CAREFUL MARY. Miss you!

  2. Good stories! I'm looking forward to moving to Guate in August...