Thursday, February 10, 2011

Sometimes I just don't get it

I'm going to start with some great news- on Tuesday my program director came up to Uspantan for meeting with my counterpart, the head doctor here at the hospital, the technicians and myself. I presented the work I have been doing and a proposal for continued work by new Healthy Homes volunteers in villages where I am working. The new cycle comes in April and will be placed in July (when I celebrate my 1 year anniversary in Uspantan). The idea is if I can get support in some of my villages I can narrow my focus on a few villages just outside of Uspantan, the hospital staff trainings and the youth program while the new volunteers continue with the Health Promotoers I have already started training and expand in their respective villages. And my director completely agrees and I will be receiving support in 3 of my villages! I am pumped! The villages that I proposed are a bit far away and have a lot of participants. The location makes it difficult for me to visit the villages more than once a month, when I give th trainings, and the size makes it difficult to get to know the participants and the necessities of the communities on a more personal level. Having PC Volunteers actually livings and working in these communities will be of great benefit to the project, to the participants and, I think, for the volunteers who receive the sites.

Moral of the story- I have been putting in a lot of hours in the hospital preping this presentation and coordinating the meeting on top of my work out in the villages. This morning, as I had nothing planned, I decided to have a relaxed morning, make coffee and spend time with Mojito. I got to the hospital about 9. A bit later my counterpart comes into the office and our dialogue goes as follows:

Counterpart- "We were waiting for you to start the meeting but you didn't come so we just had it without you."
Me- "No one told me about a meeting or I would have been here earlier."
Counterpart- "Oh, well we decided just this morning to have it."
Me- "Well what was it about?"
Counterpart- "Your schedule of activities for the rest of the month and for March!"
Me- "Why didn't you call me since the meeting was about my schedule?"
Counterpart- "Well we thought you would come and you didn't."
Me- "You should have called so I could have told you I would be a bit late."
Counterpart- "Don't worry, I'll catch you up this afternoon on everything we talked about."

So now I am waiting to meet with my counterpart to go over a meeting the team I work with had about the schedule I have had posted and organized since the beginning of the month. This should be interesting.

I miss efficiency and phone plans. (Note- there are no phone plans in Guatemala. You pay as you go. When making phone calls or sending texts, only the person making the call or sending the text pays, the recipient pays nothing. Which is why no one wanted to call or text me about the meeting. Because they did not want to use their own phone credit. Awesome, right?)

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  1. aw sorry fran. that is super frustrating. but i love the amazing progress you are making otherwise! we are all so proud of you and our other do-gooder pals over here. keep it up!