Thursday, December 2, 2010

Rio Dulce/ Livingston

Some pictures from my Carribean Thanksgiving vacation.

We travelled out to Rio Dulce for a night then took a boat up the river to where it opens up to the Carribean and stayed in a small town called Livingston. Thanksgiving weekend happens to coincide with the celebration of National Garifuna Day. The Garifuna people live in the eastern part of Guatemala and are of West African and Carribean descent. Livingston is kind of like the capital of the Garifuna people

Livingston definitely did not feel like the Guatemala I have known for the past 7 months. The Garifuna culture is beautiful- tons of music, dancing and food!

Rio Dulce:

Jungle. Actually where they filmed Jeorge of the Jungle. Brendan Fraser was here!


My sitemate, Hilary, and Jared, who lives in a neighboring municipality.

Livingston in the day:

Dancing in the street.

Cooking food in the street (with amazing hats!).

Livingston at night:

More music in the street.

More dancing in the street. This woman taught me how to shake.

Thanksgiving dinner:

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