Thursday, December 9, 2010


This is Mojito. Believe it or not, I did not name him. I adopted him on Sunday and one of the volunteers at the pound (probably the only pound in this country) had named him and it has stuck.

We had a rough first few days adjusting but he is doing much in going to the bathroom outside! I get the funniest looks from people as I walk him around town on a leash. Using a leash is unheard of in Guatemala but I am hoping to start a new collar/ leash trend in Uspantan. We shall see if it catches on...

Work-wise, December has been busy without the crazyness that was my November. Every other day some Christmas-related festivity is taking place so people are generally a bit less motivated to do much work. I am starting to get used to bombas and fireworks going off throughout the night.

Last night was the celebration of La Concepcion. As I was leaving my house to take Mojito for a walk a large procession carrying a shrine passed through the street with children running ahead to light bombas and firecrackers along the path. Safety first! A few nights ago was the tree lighting ceremony in the park- fully equipped with a firework display and live marimba band. The Muni was giving away ponche (warm fruit, cider-type drink) and tamales which is the traditional Christmas meal in Guatemala. It definitely feels like Christmas around here.

My promoter groups are going well and I have started my second medicinal plant garden in one of my communities, Poblaj. The English classes Hilary and I have been giving come to a close next week which I am looking forward to. The classes were fun and helped me get to know a lot of people but it will be nice to take a breather. Still not sure where I will be or what I will be doing for Christmas but I am looking forward to some days off before the start of the new year!

This week marks my 5th month in site and by the end of December I will have been in Guatemala for 8 months...crazy!


  1. Umm... I'll trade you a guatemalan child for him. I got one at a price.

  2. "medicinal plant garden"...hmmmmmmmmm

    i think those are illegal in most states.

    cute puppy though! can't wait to meet him!