Wednesday, October 27, 2010

San Vicente

San Vicente is one of my farther aldeas. I have 25 health promoters participating in my promoter program coming from 3 different communities in the area. It is a great group; very cooperative and enthusiastic. To get to San Vicente we drive about 40 minutes and then hike an hour. There is no road access to San Vicente. This is why I suspect the community is so welcoming to the promoter program- they just don't get a lot of outside support.

Last Monday I went out to San Vicente to present the 2nd of the 12 workshops that make up my promoter program. We kicked it off with the ground breaking of the community medicinal plant garden. I am working with the office of Mayan medicine to support communities that practice medicinal plant remedies. The garden, I hope, will be especially usefull to the people of San Vicente since the treck to the hospital for even basic consulations is physically and monetarily draining.

(Ground breaking/ One of my counterparts explaining garden up-keep)

(Women watching on)

(Squeezing her way through)

(Child being afraid of me)

With every health/ preventative health workshop I give, I also work with the Mayan medicine technicians to bring curative plants for the themed illness of the month. The goal is to give the communities resources to treat common illnessnes but also identify the warning signs of advanced or complicated illnesses.

The community is super excited about the garden and I think will take very good care of it.

(These girls had never had their picture taken before)

(Still excited by the digital camera)

(My health promoter group after we made soap)

(Leaving San Vicente)

(Starting the hike back. See those houses out in the distance? That's where the road is. It's a treck)

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