Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Ups and Downs

Hello everyone,

I know some of you receive the 'Friends and Family of PC Guatemala' newsletter (Sarah and Meredith you are adorable) and got wind of some very sad news. Last week 2 volunteers were involved in a tragic car accident. The volunteers are fine and in the US with their families. They were travelling with their health center staff for an outing to celebrate national health worker day. Unfortunately, the crash took the lives of their Health Center doctor and 2 nurses. Thankfully the Peace Corps Volunteers are well and recovering.

And, just to bring the tone down a little bit more right before I bring it back up, now the country of Guatemala is in a state of national emergency after this hot mess happened: http://latimesblogs.latimes.com/laplaza/2010/09/flooding-guatemala-mexico-mudslides.html We are expecting more storms this week.

But not to fret. I am home in Uspantan just waiting it out. Trust me, Uspantan is a decently sized town NOT located on the side of a cliff- where, unfortunately, many people are forced to set up shop in Guatemala. Dirt+cliff+water= BAD. For the record.

Now for a sprinkle of good news- I got a call from my counterpart this morning to tell me that 60 people showed up to register for the health promoter program I am setting up in one of the 3 communities I will be working in out in the Zona Reina. That's a lot! And that is just 1 of 3! It can be difficult to mobilize communities to become involved in programs such as mine so when there is such enthusiasm shown it is very exciting. This particular community is in a lot of need; they have no electricity or water. Such a positive response on the part of the community is very encouraging.


  1. My son is in the PC in Guatemala. I follow many of the blogs on the PeaceCorpsJournals website. I'd love to get the newsletter if possible. Can I sign up?

  2. Have I told you how much I aspire to be you, Squinty? Sorry to hear about the bad news, but I am glad that your work programs are succeeding. I can't wait to come down and visit!

  3. Danny- I can't wait to squint-out with you in Guatemala!!!

    Jean- There was a Facebook group made for my group that left for Guatemala in April. It is called 'Friends & Family: Peace Corps Guatemala- April 2010'. This group sent out the update to all the members. Maybe there is a FB group for your son's training cycle as well!