Wednesday, August 18, 2010


I am very fortunate that my site has electricity and running water that is fairly reliable. Only a few light-outages and water-shortages from time to time.

Monday, however, my entire town was without electricity the whole day for 'maintenance'. As in absolutely everything and everyone was without power from about 5AM to 10PM. I'm not necessarily complaining so much about this as I am wondering about the logic behind it.

First off, no one could work because the lights, computers, etc didnt work, so why Monday was the chosen day for maintenance is beyond me. Second, this means that refridgerated goods, milk/meat and other perishables, probably went bad since refridgeration isn't very strong to begin with. Third, I would be very surprised if any store owner actually threw out said perishables. Fourth, it tends to concern me when the police, firefighters, jails and other important fixtures of society are unable to function optimaly.

In conclusion- if Uspantan can learn anything from Gray Davis and the California energy crisis of 2001 it would be how to operate on rolling blackouts.

That's all.

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