Monday, July 26, 2010

First week down

I have been in site just over a week now. I moved into my new host family's house on Sunday. I'm happy to finally be feeling settled.

I've been spending time working out in the communities around Uspantan. It's important that people get used to seeing me around town and in the villages, mainly so they don't accuse me of trying to steal children. That has been a problem tourists have faced in the past. I have a great team of nurses, technicians and health educators to work with here so I am excited to get going.

The most exciting thing to happen: internet was just set up in my office in the hospital!

Overlooking the wonderful city of Uspantan:

Men carrying firewood:

Yesterday Hilary, one of my site mates, her friend who is visiting and I went out to a few waterfalls in Uspantan. The hike was a bit rough and muddy because the rain has been so bad this season. We basically climbed along mudslides to get a view of the waterfalls but it was gorgous and completely worth it. Hilary works in eco-tourism so we were doing 'research' for the tourism office. I plan on accompanying her on many of these 'research' outtings.

Road leading out to the waterfalls:

Start of the hike:


Washing the mud off our shoes:

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