Monday, June 28, 2010

Santa Maria Chiquimula

This past week I was in Santa Maria Chiquimula, Totonicapan. Another trainee and I went to stay with a current volunteer and work with her in her Health Center. The city was great and the break from our formal training was much needed. It was busy but relaxed.

Best happening while in Santa Maria Chiquimula: Andrea, the volunteer, works a lot with the Women's Office in the Municipal government. She took us to the office to introduce us to the employees of the Women's Office and confirm the next day's presentation, at which we needed a Quiche translator. While we were chatting with the coordinator of the Office, a woman came storming in. The woman introduced herself and explained that she lives in one of the farther aldeas of the Municipality. The woman explained to us that there is a man in her aldea who was unfaithful to his wife (shocker) and contracted HIV. Now his wife also has the virus and the people are suspicious that he has passed the virus to other women in the town because apparently he is a huge man-whore.

Understanding that this whole situation was very concerning for several reasons the woman proceeded to try to comfort our worries by telling us that they would be handling the situation by burning the man who brought HIV to the aldea. They wanted to BURN this man to prevent him from whoring around with other ladies and spreading the HIV any further.
This is where the woman got to the jist of her visit to the Women's Office: when they have taken care of' this man, she would like a representative from the Women's Office to present HIV/AIDS education workshops to the people in the town.

To recap:
1. Burn man with HIV.
2. Educate on HIV.

So logical.

Poor Andrea. When we left she was working to coordinate a legitimate HIV testing drive in the aldea to resolve the situation before it can escalate any further. Let's keep our fingers crossed, for the man-whore's sake.

Andrea's dog, Tuk. I am definitely leaning toward getting a dog of my own...

Church steeple.

View from balcony.

Santa Maria Chiquimula at dusk.

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