Thursday, June 17, 2010

Personal Space

So far I have been pretty good about relinquishing my sense of personal space. I have come to accept that any time I take public transportation, I am more than likely going to be squished into a 2-seater with 3 other people. I am now completely ok with thigh-touching my neighbor on the camioneta. I even look forward to it. Forced intimacy is a great way to make unwanted new friends.

I was in for a rude awakening.

On the camioneta a few days ago on my way to the Health Center a woman sat in my lap. Not next to me. Not thigh-touching. She sat IN my lap. I have had my fair share of cramped bus rides and unnecessary body rub-downs but I never expected to spend my communte with a portly, middle-aged woman in my lap. I was only about 5 minutes from my stop so I sat there and took it...but really, REALLY?! IN MY LAP?!?

By far the most awkward exchange I have had since I got here: Woman sits in my lap- We ride like this for 5-7 minutes- Me to woman: 'Excuse me, I have to get off here.'- She stands up- I scoot by- Me to woman: 'Uhh, adios?'

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  1. most favorite entry yet, wines! best, erlz