Friday, June 4, 2010

M.I.A/ Finca de Café

The week has been hectic getting back to normal after Agatha, classes and now Sunday we leave for Field Based Training. I will be San Vicente Buenabaj, Totonicapán until next Saturday. We are going to visit a current volunteer and will be doing workshops and charlas in her Health Center and in the community. Should be a full week and a good prep for what is to come in the next 2 years! Basically I'm going to be M.I.A. for a bit but I'll be back soon enough.

Today was our last day of language class. My group will be spendng more time in the Health Center and working with schools. We spent our last class at a coffee plantation in Jocotenango. The plantation is also the site of a Mayan music museum and the hasienda on the plantation is used for traditional Mayan texticle production. So it was a super cultural day!


Some bug just chillin'.

Mayan marracas.


Kimberly, Kelly and me

Funny joke the tour guide told:

Q: What do u call 'Repollo' in English?'
A: Re-chicken!
...get it?!?! Jackie, I thought of you.

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  1. love it... however, not as much as i love those shoes that you's rockin...