Monday, June 14, 2010

Field Based Training

We got back from Field Based Training on Saturday. It was a long and intense week but amazing. San Vicente Buenabaj is insanely beautiful and waaaaay up in the highlands. Super cold. On Sunday we got to our hotel (I use the term ‘hotel’ loosely) in Sija as there is no where to stay in San Vicente. Sija is the strangest city. Nothing open before 8 and everything was shut down by 6….so not much to do.

Monday Samantha, fellow trainee, and I gave a charla to 25 women about natural disaster preparedness. First experience with Quechi translators so that was interesting. Tuesday we did a risk map of the Mercado- unsanitary practices etc.- Wednesday other volunteers in my groups did a nutrition/ cooking class to a women’s group and another presentation on hand washing/soap making. On Thursday we did a 4 hour HIV/AIDS workshop with 50 middle school kids. Reaffirmed the fact that I have little patience with kids. And finally, on Friday, I ended the week with a sexy charla on Diarrhea. It was amazing overall.

San Vicente Buenabaj. A lamb in a field.

Our cooking class.

Group shot.

Walking to the Puesto de Salud.

We got up at 5:30AM to watch the opening ceremony for the World Cup. R Kelly made it all worth it.

Finally, this song is awesome.

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