Sunday, May 30, 2010

Tropical Storm Agatha

As many of you may be reading in the news, Guatemala has had its fair share of natural disasters lately. Yesterday, after another earthquake and volcanic erruption, Agatha hit. My town has been hit pretty hard. After almost 32 hours of non-stop rain, I was evacuated from my site. 4 other volunteers and I were taken into Antigua late last night. We are waiting out the storm here, hopefully going back to San Luis las Carretas tomorrow. Yay first natural disaster evacuation!

It was pretty intense. The river that runs through the town (and directly behind my house)flooded and the main road through the town (that also runs directly in front of my house)was completely blocked off with water damage.

It was very interesting to observe how the town reacted to the storm. There was a tangible sense of excitement along with the concern. The storm and the damage will be the topic of conversation for many months to come. The beauty of small town life.

Spent the morning preparing the chipilin for lunch with Doña Susana.

Unclogging the main drain in the center of the house.

Brenda checking out the river behind the house. It rose 9 feet over the course of the night and morning.

Moving furniture out of one of the rooms in the house after water started leaking through the roof.

Street view of the house.

The main road, not a river.

Wilson is not amused.

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