Wednesday, May 5, 2010


Sorry for the delay. Peace Corps has kept us very busy.

We landed about a week ago and immediately went to Peace Corps headquarters for language testing and training sessions. The first 3 nights Marlaine, another volunteer, and I stayed with a host family in Santa Lucia Milpas Altas, just down the street from PC. On Saturday we were placed in our host communities where we will be for the next 11 weeks during training.

I am now living in a small town just outside of Antigua, San Luis las Carretas. There are 4 other volunteers in my town. We meet 4 times a week for language training, go to headquarters 1 day a week for skills training and spend 1 day a week at our 'partner' medical center for health training and operations. Tomorrow will be the first day we visit our assigned Health Center and meet the staff. Sunday is our day off.
I live with Don Gavino and Doña Susana who are fabulous. They have a beautiful home and run the adjoining local tienda. They have 5 children and one grandson who all live in their is a bit overwhelming.

The run down: Brenda is the oldest and has one child, Wilson, who is 2. Doña Susana very awkwardly pointed out to me that she is a single mother- How do you respond to that? 'Ohh que bien!'?- I think Brenda is about my age. Next are Julio and Ronnie (cannot help but think of Jersey Shore), who I think are about 20 and 19. Obviously no one has explicitly told me everyone's ages. The youngest are the twins, nicknamed 'Las fotocopias', Mauricio and Luis. Telling them apart can be difficult. They are 14 and are going through puberty- their voices crack at every other word. Im working on a mix for them. They are really interested in 'American' music. I am tempted to throw a Tim McGraw album at them and see what happens. Or maybe Tupac, we will see.

And the kicker, their pets: 8 chickens, 2 turkeys and a rooster. Of all animals....poultry. I am very fortunate though- we have running, hot water and electricity, unlike quite a few of the volunteers.

Some photos:

Church in Santa Lucia Milpas Altas. My host family the first few nights was very devout Catholic. Marlaine and I attended La hora de la Santa on Friday night with them.

Santa Lucia Milpas Altas.

Barrio la Cruz. Brenda, Wilson and I went to visit her Grandparents (Don Gavino's parents). San Luis las Carretas is the valley below.

Don Gavino's father walking the cows down from the mountain. The calf is only 25 days old...this was a big BIG deal.

Julio and Ronnie played in a soccer match on Sunday. This field is also the only place in town where I am allowed to run.

And finally, some of the pets. They wander around the house grounds as they please.

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