Friday, May 21, 2010

Good News

Ronnie ran over one of the chickens with his moto...1 down, 7 to go.

Celebration song, it´s super popular here and I love it! Jam out:

I have been very busy with training. Last week we went to visit a volunteer on site in Santa Apalonia. She took us to meet with one of her women´s groups so it was great to see someone in action! It was very encouraging.

My training group is now getting ready for national Women´s Day which is this coming Wednesday. We will be giving some workshops at the Health Center in Antigua on HIV and domestic violence....basically everything got really intense really quickly. But in a great way! And this forces me to work on my public speaking in Spanish.

In other news, I went to a wedding today. A family friend´s uncle. Yeah, I felt pretty awkward being there but it was super fun! The groom was a prime 22 years of age and his bride was 14...and pregnant. ESCANDOLO! The groom was the uncle of one of the local police officers in my town. Everyday some 2-8 police officers (depending on who is on duty) eat lunch at my house, and sometimes come back for dinner. It´s rather odd but I suppose it makes me feel safer? They don´t say much to me, just throw their guns on the table and chow down for 30 minutes then leave. My life is a tad rediculous right now.

Also, Guatemala loves Leona Lewis. I hear her everywhere...the buses, the mercado, the internet cafe where I am currently typing this. Neil, this is the country for you.


  1. Haha, burns on Neil's musical tastes never get old. Too bad it's not T Swift. He'd already planning the move.

  2. Hi Mary, Katie is off to Moldova as of this am. It was big boohoos all around at the airport. I will miss her terribly. What amazing adventures you two are on. Life here seems quite boring in comparison. Keep blogging as I am enjoying it immensely. Claudia