Friday, May 28, 2010

First Earthquake

Yesterday I experienced my first Guatemalan earthquake. It was really small and pretty uneventful...but still!

Also, Volcan Pacaya errupted. It´s cool though. I´m pretty far from it. Apparently the capital is covered in dust and ash and traffic surrounding the volcano is horrendous. Schools in the area have been cancelled until further notice which means I get to hang out with the twins while my workshops on HIV and Hep A are on hold. Schedules should go back to normal early next week though.

Women´s Day on Wednesday was a huge success! My training group presented 2 workshops at the Health Center in Antigua for National Women's Day: HIV/AIDS and Intrafamiliar Violence. The Center provided free doctor consultations, vaccinations, check-ups, psychological counseling and familiar planning all day.

Presenting ourselves.


My awesome white blood cell activity.

Kimberly encouraging protection.

Kelly and Cathleen present on Interfamiliar Violence.

Group shot with our Profe and former Spanish teacher's mother!

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