Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Guawkward: I'm moving to Guatemala

As promised, here is the blog where I hope to share with you all my experiences, hardships and accomplishments (fingers crossed) over the next 27 months. After quite the farewell week in New York, I am now home in San Jose organizing my life and buying terribly ugly hiking/rain boots.

I leave on Monday the 26th for staging in Atlanta. Mama Hiebert along with Katie's twin and younger sister will be meeting me for dinner my first night! Katie, I'll be sure to get full updates on your brother's new business venture.

On the 28th I fly to Guatemala with all the other volunteers in my group. I will be in Antigua for the first 3 months in language, skills and cultural training. You can send me mail! Do it. Send it here:

PCT Mary Frances Wines

Cuerpo de Paz

Apartado Postal 66

Antigua Guatemala

Sacatepequez 03001


Central America

Props to Alysha for coming up the awesome title of this post.

Also, please note that my mother will take my phone and my phone number when I leave. So please, no drunk dialing Mrs. Wines.

Peace, love and fist pumping.

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  1. Have the bestest of times. We will be reading and keeping in touch from afar. Alison. x